Email Welcome Series

Worked with a team to build a customer journey for new subscribers to PATH's mailing list.

PATH had never used automated email journeys before, so I had the opportunity to research, develop, and test a welcome series to act as a funnel for new leads.

I also used this as an opportunity to rethink the structure of the emails we were sending. We tried to create "teaser" emails that would get people through to the website quickly, as opposed to longform letters like we had sent for past campaigns. I'm incredibly happy with the click-through rates we were able to hit with this series.

I wireframed, coded, and tested these emails. You can see live versions of each email by clicking on the examples below.

New Welcome Series Stats:

Avg open rate

Avg click rate

Welcome Email #1

(Live View)
51.99% Opened
20.37% Clicked

Welcome Email #2

(Live View)
39.77% Opened
27.66% Clicked

Welcome Email #3

(Live View)
40.3% Opened
40.67% Clicked